Ashley & JaQuavis Coleman

Authors Ashley & JaQuavis Coleman

Ashley & JaQuavis are a powerful writing duo and have co-written more than 28 novels. They are the youngest African American literary duo to appearances on the New York Times bestseller list THREE times. At age 30, Ashley & JaQuavis have written more novels than any other African American literary duo their age!

Ashley & JaQuavis co-wrote their first novel in their freshman year of college, and landed their first book deal by the end of that same year. They were married shortly after that.

The Cartel 2, the first trilogy from the duo, debuted on the New York Times bestseller list at #29 in November of 2009. The Cartel 3 made its debut on the list at #27 in August 2010.

Some of their other bestsellers include Murderville, Murder Mamas, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Diary of a Street Diva and more.

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Ashley & JaQuavis Coleman

Ashley & JaQuavis Coleman 

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